Help with difficult relationships

I came to Erica feeling a bit ‘stuck’ as a result of past difficulties and I was struggling with the challenges my teenage/ young adult children were presenting. I immediately felt very comfortable sharing my concerns and worries with Erica and found her to be a kind listener. I felt I was in safe hands throughout our work together. She is non-judgemental but at the same time, she skillfully challenged me by suggesting new ways of thinking. I found Erica’s perspective on adult - young adult interactions to be both enlightening and practical and her reassuring style has increased my overall self-confidence in all my relationships, not just with my children. I’m pretty sure I’ll be hearing Erica’s voice in my head for many years to come!

Panic attacks, sleeping alone and fear of feeling sick.

Young person 10 years written by her parent

From the moment I spoke to Erica, I knew I had made the right decision for my 10 year old daughter, who was finding the effects of this last year very challenging, from going to school, sleeping on her own, having panic attacks and feeling sick.

I had this instant feeling that Erica could help her.....and I really couldn’t have hoped for more. My daughter instantly felt comfortable with Erica and opened up to her straight away, and the talking, ideas, techniques and listening that Erica has given, has made the most amazing difference in only 6 weeks!

My daughter now goes to sleep on her own and has even successfully slept over at a friends house without a single wobble....

This is a big achievement, as on previous occasions I would have to go and collect her late at night. This has most definitely given her so much more confidence. Every week my daughter looks forward to her session with Erica, snd only last week asked if she could talk to Erica until she was 18!

Thank you for all you have done to help so far Erica, it has really made the world of difference and long may it continue. Many many thanks.

Daughters words...

With the help of Erica, I’m able to overcome my fears. I’ve not been doing it for as long as other people have, but I have definitely got better snd more confident! I love speaking to her and after I do, I feel really confident. I don’t want to stop, I’m so happy I’m able to do this now and be more confident.

Un-named adult, march 21

I've found my sessions with Erica to be highly insightful. I appreciate the non judgemental, safe space she creates during each of our sessions. Erica's been adaptable with figuring out what technique helps most, and her sincere desire to help is felt. I've already recommended her to family, and I couldn't recommend her enough.

Anxiety, Teenage son Feb 2021

Erica has a lovely way with my son, challenging him when needed, but in a way that he felt comfortable with, and was able to respond to. Through the sessions, I felt involved and understood how I could help my son through the week. Erica had a number of different strategies to support the different needs of each person she works with.

Trichotillomania (Compulsive Hair Pulling,Teenager) Feb 2021

My daughter has suffered with Trichotillomania on and off since she was 8 years old (now at secondary school). Sadly in year 6 at primary school this got very bad and I desperately needed some help for her.

A close friend recommended Erica to me and she has been amazing with Chloe and after a few sessions she stopped pulling her hair out! Erica had a way of knowing how to speak to Chloe very calmly and kindly, and suggested things to help distract her when she had the urge to pull her hair.

Over the moon to report that now, a few months on, her hair is growing and her confidence is gradually starting to return. I cannot thank Erica enough for her help and would highly recommend her to others.


Family Quarrels and reward system (Adult)

We started using Erica when myself and my daughter started to quarrel a lot. Erica helped us both get our relationship back on track by giving us the tools and encouragement to do this. Erica introduced us to a reward system which I now use on a daily basis with both of my children and it’s excellent. I would definitely recommend Erica and the services she offers.

Help with Depression (Adult)

I regularly met with Erica over a 14 month period of my life. When I started the process I had a three- month old baby. I have suffered from depression on and off for many years. When my baby was born my depression seemed to escalate. Erica offered much cognitive and practical support and helped me to think in more positive and productive ways. Now I have an understanding and a "tool box" for beating depression. Instead of feeling like depression is an illness that I can't do anything about, I often find myself quoting Erica in my mind when I sense the familiar feeling of depression is with me, to continue to keep depression at bay. I am now more pro-active, positive and forward thinking in my life and family. I am very grateful for Erica's support and insights into my situation. Thank you Erica!

Suddenly unable to sleep (young people)

After my daughter in year 6 went from a good sleeper with rarely anything that could keep her up past her bedtime, the pressures of school work and the normal pre-teen angst turned her into a girl I hardly recognised who couldn’t shut her eyes for more than an hour at a time. We were at our wits end not knowing how to deal with it until we found Erica! Within one phone conversation, she totally changed the situation and had us all believing that things could change. Although my daughter is now back to herself, myy husband and I feel that we were the ones who benefitted most from Erica’s interventions- she made us understand the issues and how changing a mindset can completely reduce anxiety to a manageable level. My daughter might always struggle with anxiety, but now has a plan and the tools to face it head on. My daughter has grown in strength and maturity as a result and has the skills to take her through the difficulties that will come in her teenage years. Forever grateful!

Managing at secondary school

Erica was very good at assessing my sons needs, working with him, then reassessing to check that things were moving forward (which they were). He particularly enjoyed the Jungian Sandplay, as he finds it difficult to express his feelings more directly. My son has now gone back to school this year a much more confident person. Thank you for everything you have done, Erica, it has been really appreciated.

Family dynamics (Young people)

We asked Erica to intervene with our nine year old daughter, when, for a number of reasons, her relationship with her siblings (and us, her parents) became difficult. Her reactions to familial circumstances (beyond her, or our control) were having a negative impact on our family as a whole. Within a few sessions, the impact was noticeable- the time spent with Erica has had a hugely positive effect on the whole family. It has repaired relationships and allowed my daughter to realise that it is ok to feel as she did, and also to substitute the negative way she was dealing with those feelings/emotions (and the guilt she held about feeling that way) with more positive release mechanisms. As parents, we have also learned some techniques to help my daughter cope with her feelings and sibling relationships. Erica has quite literally changed our lives!

Stress and anxiety at University

Having worked with Erica for 15 years, I have witnessed first hand the positive effect that Erica has on young people. Her naturally friendly approach gives a reassuring comfort to children who have gone through or are going through, both mental and physical difficulties in their young lives. On a personal note, Erica recently helped my 22 year old daughter get through a very tough period whilst studying for her Masters Degree. Erica was there at the drop of a hat and made contact with my daughter immediately, She listened for over an hour to my daughter who at the time was in great distress. Erica gave her some techniques to help her in the immediate future, and a timeframe and structure to work towards. Erica then followed this up with prearranged calls with Hope on a weekly basis, over several weeks. Hope also knew that she could call Erica if she was having difficulties if she was feeling particularly fragile a any time. When Hope returned home from university in the holidays, she visited Erica and used some practical techniques including Sandplay therapy, panic prevention and "tapping". Erica also supported me by giving advice which enabled me to deal with the stresses of being a mother whose child was experiencing such worrying times. I am happy to say that Hope completed her Masters degree in History and is now fulfilling her dream of working in the British Museum.

I truly believe without Erica's experience, empathy and support, Hope's journey would have been a lot harder. We are both very indebted to Erica.

Stress and relationships at Primary School

Dear Erica,

I thought I should write to express my deep gratitude for all the care and diligence you have shown in counselling my ten year old daughter, over the past two years. You have been her greatest source of comfort and independent, sensible advice when she found it overwhelmingly difficult to cope with all the stresses, pressures and worries that modern life throws at an intelligent and mild mannered school girl.

At the tender age of eight, my daughter had been reduced to a very withdrawn and frightened little girl, by cruel school bullies and insensitive teachers and adults. However, after only a few months of regular talks with you, complemented by "Sandplay," drawing and picture tapping , she began to return to her happy, chatty and wonderfully talented self. In fact, almost immediately we noticed that after a private session with you she always emerged more relaxed and far less worried about the issues most on her mind at the time.

As a family we are once again very happy and full of hope for the future; and as far as our daughter is concerned her confidence and self-belief have returned in abundance. She is now looking forward to an exciting and stimulating time in Year 6, when she will carry out with pride and pleasure her well deserved "Music Monitor" position of responsibility.

My daughter is very lucky to have you as a social mentor; thanks to you the strategies you have taught her in order to express her opinions assertively as well as dismiss bullies and rude or spiteful individuals, bolster her self-confidence on a daily basis. With puberty and secondary school just around the corner, she will continue to benefit significantly from your reliable advice and confidential support.

With best wishes and many many thanks,