Picture Tapping and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Picture tapping is an amazing technique, which is creative, absorbing, gentle, but powerful. It involves focusing on any current difficulty, and with the support of a way of working together, a series of several pictures are worked on, which naturally change in a positive way during the process. Recent research shows firstly that working with images is more effective than talking, and this technique uses images and metaphors to work through difficulties.

After each picture is completed, the therapist and client spend a few minutes of tapping on acupressure points on the head neck and under the arm, while briefly describing the picture; the tapping and the words are gently but effectively working on the roots of the difficulty, and diminishing the problem. These techniques are highly effective with children, young people and adults. 

What is the emotional freedom technique?

This is a highly effective technique in which the individual is taught to gently tap with their fingertips on acupressure points on their head and chest, while tuning into a particular thought.  

"EFT” or “tapping,” is based upon the same knowledge of energy meridians which has been used in traditional acupuncture for over 5000 years, working in a similar way to reflexology and acupressure, although it is important to stress that in tapping and picture tapping, the client taps on themselves and the therapist taps on themselves, unlike reflexology and acupuncture. The interesting addition to the this technique is the use of phrases to “pin down” the emotion and the unique details of the particular activity, and I feel that this feature is very important in contributing to the effectiveness of the technique.

In both therapies, difficult events and emotions such as anxiety, anger and stress are believed to cause blockages in energy flows around the body and tapping works on clearing these; therefore on restoring a healthy energy flow. In this way, EFT is able to work on emotional, psychological, and physical health, and also is used in hospitals for pain management.

I find it particularly helpful in helping reduce any strong emotions such as anxiety, anger, stress, exam or interview nerves, and in getting back to sleep at night. The process can be easily learnt by the client, and then can be a great additional skill to deal with everyday life .

Picture Tapping

This is blend of EFT and art therapy techniques, in which the individual is asked to draw how they are feeling about something that is bothering them, and then to carry out some tapping, while describing what they have drawn.

A number of pictures will be drawn in one session, and “tapped on” as emotions are worked through, and ends with a relaxing visualisation of “framing” the final picture, in order to absorb this new perspective.

Children seem to particularly enjoy this creative technique, and they respond to working with drawing and metaphor in this way, but many adults find this very helpful, particularly as it is not necessary to describe the difficulty that is bothering you; just the picture.