Sand Therapy

Jungian-Kalffian Sandplay, a specialist form of sand therapy

Sandplay is a creative, soothing and very effective therapy for children, teenagers and adults. What makes it a very special therapy, is that it works deeply but gently directly with the deeper unconscious mind, where long lasting change takes place.

Children usually love the visual range of figures available, the chance to select them to put in the tray to form a picture.

Teenagers particularly work well in this technique, because it allows them to work deeply without talking directly about their difficulties, which they often find hard to do.

In this technique, the client is encouraged to choose from a collection of figures which represent all aspects of life and fantasy, and places them in a tray of sand, to make a sort of picture. This is highly absorbing and powerful work as it works deeply on areas that we need to work on, without us needing to know what these are.

With the support of the therapist, the client works through a number of trays over time, which allows changes both in the content of the trays and towards progress.

When a number of trays are completed over time, progress is made in balancing psychological areas. At the end of each session a photo is taken, and these photos are presented to the client at the end of the work.

Sandplay is particularly effective for helping with complex issues such as loss and bereavement, anxiety, depression and self esteem, all attachment issues such as separation anxiety and difficulties experienced by looked after children,and adopted children, and adults.