Advice for Parents

When I am counselling children and young people, I work quite closely with parents. However, some parents may just be seeking some parenting or help to understand and manage their child’s feelings, behaviour, or difficulties, and I offer short term phone sessions or face to face sessions.

The theory I use for this advice is a combination of my training and experience as a “Webster Stratton” parenting roup leader (this is the parenting course that CAMHS advise) and my counselling training. As it was written by a top child psychologist, Carolyn Webster Stratton the “trouble-shooting for parents training” has a strong positive, psychological foundation which combines well with counselling knowledge.

Some difficulties may only require two or three sessions, but if difficulties are more complex further sessions can be arranged, perhaps every few weeks for a short period.

All sessions may be on the phone or face to face, and may be arranged…

  • On an individual session basis for one two sessions, on the phone or face to face.
  • A short series of three or four sessions

For more complex difficulties a summary of more of the programme topics may be helpful, around 8-10 sessions, but how many is up to you.

Sessions may address advice on...

  • Managing emotions (anxiety, separation anxiety, anger, sadness etc)
  • Improving behaviour
  • Improving listening and compliance
  • Improving the positive parts of your relationship for you and your child, including your child’s self esteem and regard for you
  • Advice on positive parenting, with clearer advice on using labelled praise, rewards, time out, and consequences
  • Helping you to feel more in control, clearer and more effective in how to handle situations (e.g. using commands more effectively, so less need to shout, and more likely they will comply)