Advise on Sleep for Children

If your child is having difficulty sleeping, maybe due to anxiety or a recent distressing event, then these areas can help;
1) Spend a little longer than usual reading, having a cuddle and settling them. Not settling is often related to a general feeling of their not feeling safe, so all you can do to keep this time positive and reassuring can be helpful.
2) It's more work for you, but resuming 10 minute checking, as we do for younger children can really help them with the sense of you being there and feeling safe.
3) It helps to have "a voice" in the room so a story or visualisation cd can be good to help them settle and feel safe. Usually it is good to replay the same cd every night, so the content is not too fascinating and keeps them awake.

There are often individual reasons why children or young people are finding it hard to sleep, and I would be very happy to discuss this with you, and advise you about whether it might help if I were to work with your child, or whether I can just advise you over a brief period

If there are particular anxiety, separation or life event concerns which might need more individual help, please get in touch